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Crime Watch is a Dallas Police Department community-based program that's been proven to deter crime. Crime Watch is a group of neighbors working together along with the Dallas Police Department in a community-wide effort to reduce residential crime. Getting to know your neighbors allows you to know when something is suspicious or out of the ordinary. The White Rock Neighborhood Association is divided into three crime watch areas--1120, 3060, and 3061.

To be added to the distribution list of the daily crime report for all three watch areas, send an email to wrnainfo

If you wish to report suspicious activity in an area, add detail, get a warning out, or be on the committee, contact the Crime Watch leader in you area:

Lakewood Trails Crimewatch oversees the information for area 1120. If you would like to receive emails reporting offenses committed in our neighborhood (as well as other police alerts), send an email to Lakewood Trails Crimewatch 1120 at crimewatch1120@wrna.org.

Michele Berube is the head of crime watch for area 6030. She has an extensive email alert list for her area--if you would like to be added to it, please contact her at crimewatch6030@wrna.org. She also sends alerts about suspicious behavior in the neighborhood to be on the watch for.

Carol Nace is the head of crime watch for area 6031. You may contact her at crimewatch6031@wrna.org.

Community Involvement

The Dallas Police Department relies on citizens to be their eyes and ears in the community. In keeping with this idea, they sponsor and encourage neighbors being trained as police volunteers and patrolling thier own neighborhoods. Recently, ten of your neighbors were trained and began patrolling the neighborhood in hopes of providing a deterrence to criminal activity. The Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) have patrolled the 1120 area in the neighborhood for over 140 total hours to date since the program’s inception in August, 2008.


Help make our neighborhood safer. Please let us know of any other ideas or suggestions for our crime watch.

The White Rock Neighborhood Association is a non-profit, volunteer group representing the residents of our community. For a brief history of the association's accomplishments, read our History.

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