White Rock Neighborhood Association Trash/Recycling

Regular Trash

Trash is picked up once a week on Thursdays. Trash should not be put out until 6:00 pm the evening before pick-up. Residents who put trashcans on the street before the pick-up time or leave them out at other times are subject to fines from the City of Dallas.

Bulky Trash

Bulky Trash is picked up the third full week of each month. Oversized trash should not be put out earlier than the Thursday before the pick-up week.

Only put out large limbs, shrubbery, bagged leaves in sealed 50 gallon or smaller bags, furniture, appliances, mattresses and box springs.

Do not put out bagged grass clippings or construction and remodeling materials such as lumber or roofing materials.

Cost Plus service is available to pick up construction or remodeling materials. Bricks, concrete, rocks, and dirt are not picked up in either the Cost Plus or regular bulky trash collections. Call 311 for a free Cost Plus estimate.

Again, residents leaving oversized trash curbside or on sidewalks prior to the Thursday before the pick-up week are subject to fines from the City of Dallas.

To report problems with trash collection, please contact the City of Dallas Sanitation Supervisor at 214-670-6406.


Recycling is picked-up on Thursdays. Be sure to have your bags or cart out before 7:00 am to ensure pick-up.

Citywide Residential Recycling

Find your day of service for Recycling

Big Blue Recycling Carts
Too Good To Throw Away (PDF document)
In January, 2007, Sanitation Services expanded its recycling program to include a 96-gallon Big Blue recycling roll cart. You can now recycle more items with your Big Blue recycling roll cart and there's no need to separate! Just put everything into the same Big Blue recycling roll cart and place it out for collection on your recycling day. It couldn't be easier!

Recycle these items:
  • Glass–Clear or colored food and drink containers (NO window glass or mirrors, NO light bulbs, NO ceramics or pyrex)
  • Plastic–Containers with triple recycling arrows (NO plastic bags, NO plastic hangers, NO styrofoam, NO chemical containers)
  • Newspapers–Including all inserts (NO rubber bands, NO plastic wrappings)
  • Magazines–Including catalogs, paperback books, phone books (NO hard bound books)
  • Metal–Aluminum, tin/bimetal cans (NO foil, NO pie plates)
  • Cardboard–Food and detergent boxes, paper egg cartons, 12-pack drink cartons, folded corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes (NO waxed cardboard, NO plastic or foil lining from cereal or cracker boxes, NO pizza boxes or food contaminated boxes.
You may also continue to use blue or clear bag for recycling. Free blue bags are available at Dallas recreation centers and libraries. For more information call (214) 670-4475 or 3-1-1. Free bags subject to availability.

For more information about obtaining a Big Blue Recycling Cart, or about blue bags for recycling go to Dallas City Hall Sanitation Services.

If it is not on the list, or if it takes too much water to clean, it goes in the garbage!

Other Recycling Options:
Privately-owned turquoise and yellow recycling bins, located at most schools, churches and businesses, accept all clean, and uncontaminated mixed paper. Please call Metro 817-792-4055 or go to PaperRetriever.

Computer and Electronic Recycling Options
Here are a few local locations:

2636 Walnut Hill, #215
(972) 852-2789

Computer Reset
9525 Skillman St.
(214) 348-6484

Hobi International
(214) 951-0143

Goodwill Industries
(214) 638-2800

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) maintains a list of computer and electronic equipment recyclers, as well as much other useful information. This collection is provided solely as a courtesy to agency customers and comprises resources that agency staff or customers have found to contain useful information.

To find your day of service for Recycling:
  • Click on the "Interactive City Map" link.
  • Enter your address and zip code under the "map a location" heading.
  • Then, under the "report about a location" heading, check the "Check this box to list property information, city services and other useful information about a point on the map." box.
  • Click on the "Find Address" box.
  • Your location will now be displayed on the map, with City services listed to the right. Under "Sanitation Information", you will find the recycling collection day listed for your address.