White Rock Neighborhood Association

Support your neighborhood by becoming a member of the White Rock Neighborhood Association. 

Three Ways To Join or Renew

1. Scan this QR Code or <Click this Link> and complete the Google Survey. You may pay your $20 household dues via Zelle.

2. Copy the form, below, complete it and send via e-mail to wrna.secretary@gmail.com.

3.Print and complete the form, below, and mail to:

White Rock Neighborhood Association
P.O.Box 140283
Dallas, TX 75214

If you have any questions, please send an email to WRNA Secretary.


Three Ways To Pay

Dues are $20 per household per year.

1. Zelle to wrnatreasurer21@gmail.com. Please provide your address in comments.

2. Mail a Check to the PO Box listed above. Please insure your address is on the check.

3. Contact the Secretary (wrna.secretary@gmail.com) to make a Cash payment.


Membership Renewal Form 
copy, complete and paste it into an e-mail. Send to wrna.secretary@gmail.com


Your Street Address: ______________________


Annual Household Membership Dues are $20. Please pay via Zelle to wrnasecretary21@gmail.com, mail a check to our PO Box, or contact the Secretary to make cash payment. 

Please copy, edit and return this form.

Contact Information is for the use of our neighborhood association and is not shared publicly
For annual renewal, please complete any missing information or make necessary corrections to the information below and return via email to wrna.secretary@gmail.com

Please insure we have your correct email address. We use email to share information bulletins from various departments of the City of Dallas. 

Contact Information         [   ] Check here if your information is unchanged (and skip the next section)

__  Name 1: _____________

__Phone 1: ______________    [   ] Cell?

__E-Mail 1: _______________

__ Name 2: _______________

__Phone 2:  ________________    [   ] Cell?

__E-Mail 2: _________________________


The membership directory is separate and voluntary. If you choose to participate in the directory, the selected information will only be shared with members who choose to participate.

(Check mark here to participate)

___ This household chooses to PARTICIPATE in the Neighborhood Directory. An X has been inserted in front of any information field, above, that we DO NOT wish to include in the directory.


 (Please check one) Send meeting reminders via:  [__] e-mail   |  [__] postcard   | [ __] e-mail AND postcard. 

Number of Children at Home:  _____   (This info is only used to plan Night Out events) 

You may later contact the secretary to change your preference.

Thank you in advance for participating in WRNA. Please talk with your neighbors and encourage them to participate, too.